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Game Scoring


This example screenshot from the game Tarrata is one of my projects composing music for video games, as well as example audio for the game and crowdfunding and promotional ads for the game. My goal while writing for this game was to capture the setting and art and develop music that fits in with the developers intentions.

Looking Upon A Lonely Well
00:00 / 02:12

This track “Looking Upon A Lonely Well” is upbeat, positive, but still slightly mystical, with unique pacing, two competing ideas, and unique use of percussive elements and extreme rhythmic precision.

00:00 / 01:45

This track, “Mirage” takes another step into the mystical environments of the game and develops harmony that immediately sets the mood, pulling the listener between wonder and threat. It toys with unique sounds and instruments while also being in a compound meter that gives the listener a more relaxed beat compared to my other upbeat, fast percussive track. 

Tarrata Loop
00:00 / 00:24

This track “Tarrata Loop” is a short loop meant to be used and repeated at the developers discretion with an accented cello creating a sense of threat while the pizzicato violin sets up a mystical, mysterious melodic atmosphere.

Tarrata Demo
00:00 / 01:04

This track “Tarrata Demo '' is meant to be paired together with “Tarrata Loop”. They use the same melody and harmony and develop each other. They were written with the idea of coherence in mind as they seek to enhance the story, setting, art, and game play of a specific level.

Film Scoring

Film Scoring

This video features my original score for my ongoing work on the film Versus Mode. It demonstrates multiple styles of write and tight transitions. This clip is a demo from our fundraising campaign.

This is a score I wrote for the Indie Film Music Contest featuring three themes I develop throughout the score. I play with interactions between scenes and actions and paint a picture of emotion and action. I also toy with instrumentation, swapping brass and strings to emphasize her growing up. I used percussion to drive motion and various events throughout the film.

In this car chase scene for the Westworld Scoring Competition 2020 hosted by Spitfire Audio and HBO, I focused on three main ideas. My first idea introduced unique synthesizer patches and automation which created an ambience which I will bring back throughout the scene. The next idea began with the chase. I introduced various variations while maintaining the energy up to the rocket shot. I focused on the rocket being the turning point for the score. After it makes impact, I knew there had to be a new idea that walked the line of threat and action. I broke up the pulse and introduced my last theme and focused heavily on timings as all the actions became more precise.

This clip features an example of my sound design work including audio cleanup and restoration.

Mixing, Mastering, and Video Editing

This piece was to be performed by the WVU School of Music for the brass chamber concert, but since it was cancelled due to Covid-19, we made this video to share their excellence. I mixed and mastered the recording in Cubase and did all the video editing in Final Cut Pro.


Arranging and Transcribing

Corey's Bop Page 1
Corey's Bop Page 1

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Corey's Bop Page 2
Corey's Bop Page 2

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Corey's Bop Page 13
Corey's Bop Page 13

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Corey's Bop Page 1
Corey's Bop Page 1

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This score is an example of my arranging. The original song and recording is by Ragan Whiteside which is attached in a Spotify player. My arrangement is for a 17 piece big band, featuring a solo guest instrument (flute, sax, or any other instrument) not a regular member of the jazz band. This is unique for high school and college ensembles because it encourages involvement from other musicians outside the jazz program. My arrangement develops two contrasting ideas from the original, as well as transcribed material performed by Ragan Whiteside on the flute. Click Here to download a sample pdf copy of the score. This arrangement is for personal and academic use only, and is not for sale.

Corey's Bop Arrangment
00:00 / 04:01


Engraving Example.png

Pop Sax Demo
00:00 / 00:52
Sax Sample
00:00 / 00:04
Trumpet Sample
00:00 / 00:04
Dope Ath Thwag Demo
00:00 / 00:53

I am an active content producer on, owned and operated by one of the biggest names in music production today, Native Instruments. I produce content ranging from EDM to sax and trumpet designed to fit any style. Here are some of my demo tracks and samples.
Trumpet, Sax, Recording

Trumpet, Sax, and Recording

Check out one of my lastest releases with Aristotle Jones. I arranged all the horn section parts for his song, "Get What You Give" and recorded them on trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, and flugel horn.

Check out one of my latest performances with Aristotle Jones featuring his original music and my horn arrangments as well as solos!

Episode Preview

"It's so humbling to hear your work, the way you contribute to our songs brings out the better musicians in ourselves! Thank you for taking a genuine interest in our music!" ~ Dan and Luke, Deliriously Serious

The examples above feature my writing, arranging, and recording horn parts for Deliriously Serious. This band has a unique sound, bridging various styles with superb vocals, intricate grooves, and the addition of solo or ensemble horns. I’m always eager to write and record horn parts of varying instrumentation for any track you may need in your upcoming work.

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