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This project was created by Cj Rhen with the help of faculty mentor Dr. Kyle Simpson. Click Here for Dr. Simpson's statement about this project.

Check out one of our featured artists, Aristotle Jones. This is his original "Bad Behavior" recorded by Cj Rhen.

New Music in West Virginia is a project showcasing new music influencing the musical communities in West Virginia and the diversity of its sound. The goal of this project is to write original music with local songwriters and musicians to produce an album showcasing the live music happening in our communities. This album will be available on major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music and will demonstrate the modularity of West Virginia’s music and the broad possibilities new musicians offer beyond the stereotypes of folk, bluegrass, and country. Beyond promoting new music in West Virginia, this project seeks to feature the selected artists based on their stories, their experiences, and their music. With an emphasis on the individual and the effect they have on the greater community around them, we can celebrate the intricate differences among us through the medium of music. To get this project in motion, I will be responsible as the producer for scheduling, budgeting, recording, and the release of the album in the image of the artists to preserve their creative intentions. This entails research and practice with audio engineering, music arranging, music distribution, and various skill sets to best capture and present the artists’ intentions among this project’s diverse range of song writers.

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